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Premium Refinement for your Porsche. Since 1987.

TECHART is the international premium brand for individualization of any Porsche model. Driven by the highest demands on design excellence, high technology development competence and our responsible attitude towards emotion and reason.

Our core principle: OE manufacturer quality – visible and invisible. All genuine TECHART products are the result of this maxim:

  • ✔ in-house design and modelbuilding, aerodynamic wind-tunnel testing
  • ✔ computer aided development processing
  • ✔ high-precision tooling for Polyurethane-RIM series production
  • ✔ type-approvals, part certification and homologation
  • ✔ verification of material performance and crashworthiness
  • ✔ trouble-free installation, finishing and servicing at service centers
  • ✔ component and track testing secures performance and reliability
  • ✔ premium quality raw materials such as PU-RIM, carbon fiber, hand selected leather hides and precious woods



TECHART is unlimited freedom.

Every individual has a different perspective on life. Different skills and talents. A different way of living and thinking. A different perception of individuality. So if you are deciding to add a part of your personality to your Porsche, what would be the right measure for uniqueness?

Only your personal taste decides, which character traits you wish to emphasize. TECHART provides an unsurpassed range of options to really add your unique signature to your Porsche model.

  • ✔ wind tunnel tested aerodynamic bodykits
  • ✔ carbon fiber parts
  • ✔ engine enhancements for superior driving dynamics
  • ✔ breathtaking exhaust soundscapes
  • ✔ lightweight wheels
  • ✔ handcrafted interior refinement.