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MR Tuning

Prestige Vehicle Servicing

When we say ‘Prestige’ we mean cars that you want treated in a prestige way. We don’t discriminate when it comes to your ride, we know everyone has different priorities and requirements.

Our only requirement is that you want to take care of your car as we don’t want to half do the job and end up with a bad reputation.

Warranty Compliant Logbook Servicing

It is a common misconception that your car needs to be serviced at a factory dealership to maintain your warranty. This is simply not true.

As a licensed workshop, we offer an alternative. Our maintenance will uphold your service history and any new or extended warranty. With fewer overheads our labour rate is significantly less than any dealership can offer. Our modern facility, conveniently located at Yatala half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast is equipped with the best technicians and the the latest diagnostic equipment.

Our team of enthusiasts is committed to providing you with the best possible service and advice. At MR Tuning you will speak to someone that cares if sometimes your car makes an unusual noise.

We appreciate that you may want to be involved with work on your car and encourage you to discuss any problems with the technician in the workshop.

We will stamp your log book are widely regarded as evidence of premium level maintenance.

For bookings or enquiries, please call 1800 058 700 or email

Our Guarantee:

  • Fixed-price log book servicing that honours your Manufacturer Warranty
  • Competitive hourly rate ($120 p/h + GST – Off-Peak ‘Project’ Rate also available)
  • Factory-trained technicians using the latest diagnostic equipment
  • Adherence to manufacturers guidelines, use of genuine parts and lubricants, with other options
  • By utilising our full engineering workshop, we can often repair rather than replace

Roadworthy Inspections

We can arrange a full inspection and complete any requred repairs and arrange a roadworthy for you.

  • Change of owner
  • Change of State
  • Change of details
  • Imported cars

Car Detailing & Paint Restoration

We understand the pride involved with performance car ownership. MR Tuning offers a range of detailing services for those wanting to enjoy their auto looking its best.

  • All work completed in-house under our supervision
  • Highest quality automotive detailing products
  • Buffing, polishing and paint protection solutions
  • Professional environmentally-friendly waterless washing available
  • Fabric, carpet and leather interior treatments
  • Vinyl and leather repair & re-colouring

Wheel Alignment, Suspension Setup

Wheel alignment is the direction your wheels are pointing in relation to the centre line of the car. Correct wheel alignment improves safety, handing, tyre life and fuel economy. The perfect setting varies greatly depending on the way your car is driven. A wheel alignment optimised for the race track may result in excessive tyre wear and undesirable handling when driven on normal roads. Factory wheel alignment settings are always a compromise. We can set up your car to suit your driving style; be it spirited driving, an everyday commuter, or a combination of the two.

  • Porsche Motorsport level equipment
  • Factory or improved settings
  • Corner weighting
  • Vehicle predictability, stability and driver confidence enhancements
  • Optimised tyre performance
  • Custom setups relevant to each driver’s requirements
  • Expertise in spring rates, alignment settings, shock types, valving and all suspension setup options
  • Genuine replacement parts are standard. We also manufacture our own components and offer other options to enhance the performance of any model of car.
  • All suspension repairs